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2022 NMACTion Annual Conference

April 27th from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

April 28th from 9:00 am - 2:30 pm

Free to attend!

Rejuvenation: Shame-Free Nicotine Prevention in Our Communities

Join us for two days of meaningful and relevant workshops and activities, and for the networking that will be facilitated – our field doesn’t often have this opportunity to come together for this degree of diverse education topics and discussion.  The 3 tracks this year include:

◊ Hispanic/Latino Priority Population

◊ Health Equity in Commercial Tobacco Prevention/Control

◊ Policy and Advocacy in Public Health

6 CEU hours for Community Health Workers
6 CEU hours for Social Workers (NASW-NM)

2022 NMACTion Conference KEYNOTES!

Hershel Walker Clark, a citizen of the Navajo Nation, received his Bachelor of Science degree in American Indian Studies from Arizona State University and earned his Master of Public Health degree from University of Arizona. For the past eight years, Mr. Clark has worked in tobacco control and prevention as a public health researcher, advocate, and advisor. Mr. Clark’s professional experience has allowed him to understand the needs, challenges, and triumphs that American Indians face, specifically when it comes to tobacco control concerns.

Mr. Clark help led the passing of the “Navajo Niłch' Éí Bee Ííná — Air is Life Act of 2021”, a comprehensive commercial tobacco smoke-free policy for the Navajo Nation. Mr. Clark believes the use of tobacco is sacred for many Indigenous tribes and must be reclaim through western and traditional approaches that include comprehensive commercial tobacco policies throughout Indian Country. Mr. Clark currently is the Program Manager for the Southwest Navajo Tobacco Education and Prevention Project, a non-profit organization to address commercial tobacco and prevention in the Navajo Nation.

Paula Cupertino, Ph.D., is a University of Rochester Medical Center Professor of Public Health Sciences and Oncology, and  the first Associate Director of Community Outreach, Engagement and Disparities at Wilmot Cancer Institute. Cupertino leads efforts to strengthen and expand Wilmot’s reach across its 27-county catchment area in upstate New York. A social behavioral scientist, Cupertino has focused her research on health disparities in underserved and minority communities, primarily among Latinos and immigrants. Much of her work has been in tobacco control, improving smoking cessation and access to cessation treatments using a community-based approach.

Personally, Paula shares her life with her husband, Dr. Marc Rosenthal, her three children and two bonus-children. She loves to entertain, cook and bake, and ensure that her family has what they need to keep growing together toward their shared family ways of life. They love animals, especially exotic animals, and have four dogs (including a Bull Mastiff, a Newfoundland, and two tiny Chihuahuas), along with four cats, three snakes and a tarantula.