2021 NMACTion Annual Conference

May 12th and May 13th

9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Free to attend!

This year’s theme:

Breathing New Life: Fostering Resilient Tobacco-Free Communities

Join us for two days of meaningful and relevant workshops and activities, and for the networking that will be facilitated – our industry doesn’t often have this opportunity to come together for this degree of diverse education topics and discussion.  The 3 tracks this year include:

◊ Nicotine Dependency Treatment

◊ African-American Population

◊ Policy and Advocacy in Public Health

CEUs will be provided…stay tuned for details.

2021 NMACTion Conference KEYNOTES!

Julie Sweetland is a sociolinguist and serves as a Senior Advisor at the FrameWorks Institute, where she leads efforts to diffuse the organization’s cutting-edge, evidence-based reframing recommendations throughout the nonprofit sector. Since joining FrameWorks in 2012, she has led the development of powerful learning experiences for nonprofit leaders and has provided strategic communications guidance for advocates, policymakers, and scientists nationwide and internationally.   Read more>>

Want Dr. Sweetland's slides and more information on the Tobacco Disparities Framing Project?  Click on the images below!

SINCE 2002 … improving workforce wellness * caring for caregivers * combating physician burnout * increasing employee engagement * washing his hands properly * not touching his face!

SINCE 2020 … doing it all virtually!

Not the stereotypical motivational speaker, this funny doctor does NOT deliver rah-rah-you-can-do-it-cheerleading and hackneyed acronyms of gobbledygook.  That’s just not his style. Rather, this conference keynote speaker uses his medical background and sense of humor to engage and uplift.

You will be motivated to change your perspective, lighten up and laugh more.  You’ll be inspired to choose optimism and increase your level of joy at work and in life … in short, to be happier!  But Dr. Brad won’t stop there, though.  Read more>>

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